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"Common Gateway Interface"

CGI is a specification for exchanging information between a Web server and a program. Many programming languages can be used with CGI, but the most common is Perl. CGI programs add scripting and database interactivity to web pages, and is the most common way that Web servers interact dynamically with users.

"Practical Extraction and Report Language"

PERL is an open source server side programming language extensively used for web scripts and to process data passed via the Common Gateway Interface from HTML forms etc. Perl scripts are not embedded within HTML pages and do not download to the web browser but reside on the server. They execute by being triggered from commands within HTML pages or other scripts and may produce HTML output that does download to the web browser.

The CGI/PERL training series is designed for users who want to createinteractive Web pages using CGI and Perl. It covers creating andworking with forms, building programs using HTTP headers and SSI, and developing Web applications and utilities. It also discusses how to write data between Web pages and databases, and using SQL with relational databases.