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SAS is a programming language and data base platform available for many operating systems and computing environments. One of a number of commercially produced and marketed analysis/programming languages for data analysis.

Formerly (Statistical Analysis System) A software system for data analysis. SAS provides tools for information storage and retrieval, data modification, report writing, file handling, and statistical analysis. SAS/Graph provides a complete graphics system, for plotting on a variety of printers and graphics terminals. There is also a Full Screen Package for full screen data entry. SAS includes interface routines for linking with the other available statistical packages.

The SAS training series introduces users to the SAS 8 system, the basic data concepts and the structure of the SAS programming language. It discusses the basic statements used when coding SAS programs, using the SAS log to troubleshoot coding errors, and the different modes for executing SAS. The series also covers optional statements used to modify data, and statements and options available to program features in the DATA step. Creating specialized output andbasic statistical procedures are also covered. Additional topicsexamined include using DisplayManager to run SAS jobsinteractively,SAS data libraries, using SQL in SAS, and combining and updating SAS data sets.