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UNIX is a popular operating system, developed by AT&T in 1969, that was very important in the development of the Internet. It allows more than one user to access a computer system at the same time. An early version of UNIX, which was used by most colleges and universities, incorporated TCP/IP and made Internet connections possible.

The UNIX training series presents the features of UNIX that are most useful to new users, as well as system administration tasks and process management. Basic features discussed include logging in and out, file administration, command processing, displaying text, and using mail. UNIX shells - Bourne, Korn, and C - are presented, including a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages, and writing basic shell programs that include repetitions, conditional statements, and functions. Many system administration tasks are discussed, including installation, file systems, user accounts, system accounting, performance monitoring, device management, and security. Advanced topics coveredin the series include how to control UNIX programs, how to start and kill programs, and prioritizing processes.